As a Ridingcode franchisee, you start your journey with key organizational steps which are germane to most every franchise business offering. Throughout the initial launch phase (typically 13-26 weeks) and for your first year of business, we are your coach, your tutor, your mentor, and your big brother. During this period, you have a lot of things to accomplish. Thankfully, we’ve mapped them out step-by-step with benchmarks and milestones so that you aren’t overwhelmed unnecessarily.

This is not a set-it and leave-it alone business. There’s a lot to learn, and when sales volume starts to increase, you will have many questions on how to capitalize, how to optimize, and how to grow your business.

During the 13-week pre-launch period, you will be introduced to our core-brand representatives as well as dozens of unique suppliers we’ve sourced specifically for e-mobility vehicles, riding gear, accessories, and replacement parts. There is a large network of suppliers and brand representatives out there eager to meet you and eager to get their products into your showroom. We have specific strategies for managing this – and for managing the onslaught of helpful  “advice” that will come your way. We have your back, and have stringent requirements for what you’ll need for your opening and no more.

It all boils down to efficiency. To be profitable – even just moderately profitable today –every small business owner needs to be as efficient as possible. Anything and everything you do must be focused on how to minimize the demands off-court so you can focus all of your energies on-court where customers are arriving to meet you.Also during this period – you will be required to attend specific trainings, certification classes, and weekly progress meetings. We will also be traveling to meet you when you’ve identified your location, and again when you are close to grand opening. There are a number of accounts you will need to setup and specific accounting and business reporting tasks which we help you to setup. Accounting becomes painless once we give you our chart of accounts, and a simple guide for your accountant to follow. If you follow our model exactly, all of accounting needs should be handled electronically enabling your accountant to focus entirely on reconciliation and making sure your bills are paid.  

Today, the entire world of retail is happening online – in a big way. But this doesn’t mean people aren’t coming to a store. Quite the opposite. People shop online before they visit a store to determine if you have what they are looking for; if it’s available to test; and if they can take it home today. Add to this – can they return it? Will you be able to fix it if something goes wrong? Are you able to offer ongoing service?

When those questions are answered, you become far more important to your customers  and their families. On the other hand, if you don’t have a business profile that is competitive on multiple online channels – reaching 1000s of people daily – you are going to be late to the race. Worse, you aren’t even going to make it to the track. Retail has become more destination driven than location driven. Your store does not have to be on the busiest street in crowded market to attract a large audience. You can be just as successful – even more successful – with a destination-based marketing strategy and a compelling shop that inspires people to want to spend some time and learn about your products.

Has it occurred to you yet that e-mobility hasn’t been mentioned once yet in our Franchise Business Model? E-mobility is an enormously popular niche which is going to gain even greater popularity and dependence over the next 10 years. However, having great products doesn’t make you successful. Having products in high-demand does give you an advantage which is hard to ignore, but being profitable, and growing a business to multi-million gross annual revenues requires far more than a great collection of products.

At Ridingcode, we believe that each of our franchisees can and will succeed if given the correct tools, and the very best coaching on how to use those tools to maximize their business’s growth and ultimate financial success. In spite of what you might believe, it takes a whole lot more than a prime location a a few flashy products to bring in the customers. Ridingcode web services are working online and offline creating demand, creating interest, and promoting the idea of e-mobility. Having these strategies working for you, and learning how to optimize these tools for better return is how you will insure your shop has a line of customers from dawn to dusk.

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